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Research Agenda


Victims Services, NSW Department of Justice, recognises the importance of evidence-based policy development and service delivery for victims of crime in New South Wales. Research and evaluation provide evidence, ideas and knowledge and new perspectives that are vital for developing and applying innovative policies and processes. The body of evidence, particularly in an Australian context, of what works best for victims of crime is limited. The Victims of Crime Research Agenda aims to stimulate new, high quality research, which directly supports service provision for victims of crime in New South Wales. The Research Agenda will enable a more systematic undertaking and use of research to produce findings that are useful at both policy and operational levels.

Victims Services is interested in research findings that can inform and support policy development, program design and service delivery. To this end, the priorities identified in the Research Agenda should guide researchers towards applied research, rather than pure research. This will assist Victims Services to draw more readily upon research findings, integrate these into policy development and make a positive difference to supporting victims of crime.

The Research Agenda highlights areas and issues where research is likely to be required but it is not intended to be entirely specific or prescriptive.

Identified Priority Areas

The following have been identified as high priority research areas:

  • Victims and court
  • Victims not using services
  • Victims of non-violent crimes
  • Victims with multiple needs

In addition, other identified areas for research are:

  • Support to victims
  • Long term healing of victims
  • Re-victimisation
  • Disadvantaged victims
  • Victims who are prisoners
  • Victims registers
  • Restorative justice
  • Jury perceptions
  • Victims and police
  • Victims compensation

For the period 2011-2012 research priority areas will be:

  • Support for victims of crime and their participation in court processes
  • The impact of media reporting on victims of crime

Role of Victims Services

Victims Services will support the Research Agenda through:

  • Providing funds to successful research applicants
  • Making a financial or in-kind contribution to larger projects
  • Acting as a co-researcher in studies
  • Directly commissioning high-priority research
  • Providing information, data and other knowledge which supports research
  • Dissemination of research findings which would include:
  • Completed research papers published on Victims Services website
  • Research briefings with NSW Attorney General

For more information read the Victims of Crime Research Agenda (PDF 21Kb)