Victims of Crime Clearinghouse

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Victims Services data profiles

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Applications for support received by victims

Applications for support received by victims 2016/17 (PDF, 379Kb), 10pp

Applications for support received by victims 2015/16 (PDF, 330Kb), 9pp

Financial support applications 2014/15 (PDF, 166Kb), 2pp

Financial support applications 2013/14 (PDF, 161Kb), 2pp

Contact with clients and stakeholders

Contact with clients and stakeholders 2015/16 (PDF, 420Kb), 4pp

Community engagement 2014/15 (PDF, 150Kb), 2pp

Community engagement 2013/14 (PDF, 166Kb), 2pp


Counselling applications 2016/17 (PDF, 171Kb), 4pp

Counselling applications 2014/15 (PDF, 171Kb), 2pp

Counselling applications 2013/14 (PDF, 166Kb), 2pp


Victims Reassessment Scheme 2016/17 (PDF, 119Kb), 2pp

Victims Reassessment Scheme 2015/16 (PDF, 106Kb), 2pp


Recognition applications and determinations 2016/17 (PDF, 208Kb), 3pp

Recognition applications 2015/16 (PDF, 176Kb), 3pp

Recognition applications 2014/15 (PDF, 162Kb), 2pp

Recognition applications 2013/14 (PDF, 157Kb), 2pp


Restitution and revenue 2016/17 (PDF, 86Kb), 3pp

Restitution 2015/16 (PDF, 79Kb), 3pp

Restitution 2014/15 (PDF, 85Kb), 2pp

Restitution 2013/14 (PDF, 84Kb), 2pp